Got my septum pierced by Rob. He is amazing and legit made me super calm before getting it done. Not going to lie, ALMOST flaked out but he really relaxed me, and took his time to make sure I wouldn’t pass out. Everyone there is great and i highly recommend them. Also I strongly encourage bringing in toys for tots. They do awesome discounts when you bring toys in. Not only does your wallet save but your also helping a child for Christmas. ♥

Bree Vazquez

The atmosphere was bright and not overbearing or “flashy” and the private booths for piercing/tattooing with certificates regarding courses finished on blood born pathogens made me comfortable and confident that I had made the right choice on where to go. Rob was professional as he showed me the individually wrapped and sterilized instruments he would be using to pierce my nipples, even showing me that each piece had an expiration date an that it had not yet passed. I know that piercers/tattooers see all body types and parts frequently but I was still nervous to be topless in front of people I had just met. Rob (and Tony, who also helped) treated it as a job, but also made sure that I was comfortable. He kept eye contact while talking and explaining aftercare which helped me feel respected and less on display.
Although none of my tattoos were done here, I’ve seen pictures of the awesome work that their artists do. I look forward to working with them on my future tattoos and having another parlor to call “home”.

Nettie-Rose Mount

This shop is great. Not like all the other shops out there. Very clean when you walk in. All the rooms are done with beautiful wood walls. I went to a bunch of shops and this shop was so immaculate. Bob tattooed me on a few occasions and he was very cool to work with. He was able to draw my design right on my arm. They are great and I plan on going back for more tattoos!! I also liked seeing new needles come out of a package and be disposed of right in front of me.


Cleanest shop that I have seen in this area hands down. You won’t find a better staff of helpful people that ACTUALLY KNOW what they are doing. I have gotten many pieces done by Bob Bradley, who I truly believe should be among the top tattooers. I will always continue to go to this shop, and highly recommend it to anybody out there that is considering getting some ink done right.

Steve M

BEST TATTOO SHOP I HAVE EVER BEEN IN! I’ve gotten numerous tattoos there custom and flash. Each tattoo is bright and done very well! I wouldn’t go any where else. Professional staff, experienced tattooers, all around just a great place for a tattoo or piercing . GO TO ROCK’N WILLY’S!